Research Collaborators

Australian Collaborators


Australian Families and Carers

Telethon Kids Institute, Perth

Helen Leonard, Carol Bower, Nick de Klerk, Alison Anderson, Ami Bebbington,  Jenny Downs, Peter Jacoby, Kingsley Wong, Katherine Bathgate, Janice Lim, Stephanie Fehr, Amanda Jefferson, Anna Urbanowicz, Joanne Lee

Curtin University, Perth
Sue Fyfe, Amanda Jefferson, Joanne Lee


The Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit, Sydney

Elizabeth Elliot, Yvonne Zurynski


The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Sydney

John Christodoulou, Carolyn Ellaway, Meredith Wilson, Bruce Bennetts, Elizabeth Elliott


Mater Children's Hospital, Brisbane

Honey Heussler, Geoffrey Askin, Maree Izatt, Ivan McGowan,

The Royal Childen's Hospital, Melbourne
Gordon Baike, Ian Torode

Sydney Children's Hospital
Helen Woodhead

Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, Perth
Lakshmi Nagarajan, Peter Rowe, Peter Walsh, Madhur Ravikumara, Aris Siafarikas, Simon Williams

University of Chicago
Michael Msall

Women's & Children's Hospital, Adelaide
Elizabeth Thompson

Royal Perth Hospital
Mark Davis

Kennedy Krieger Institute Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, MD, USA
Walter Kaufmann


The University of Alabama

Alan Percy



International partnerships


The development of research partnerships is a priority for InterRett. In this way, centres or clinicians with access to large numbers of patients with Rett syndrome can collaborate and make joint use of data.

We are keen to facilitate partnerships in terms of collection, storage and sharing of data. Memoranda of understanding can be established flexibly catering to the differing needs of various centres.

Centres currently developing partnerships include:

Israel Rett Syndrome Center
Tel Aviv

Dr Bao
Peking University

Dr Nadia Bahi-Buisson
Hospital Necker Enfants Malades

Dr Mercedes Pineda
Hospital Sant Joan de Deu

Dr Patrick MacLeod
Victoria General Hospital

Dr Violeta Medina-Crespo

Contact us if you are interested in finding out more about bulk data collection and partnerships with InterRett.