AussieRett Connect Newsletter

AussieRett Connect is the biannual newsletter of the Australian Rett Syndrome study. Published in August/September and December the newsletter highlights the latest research, events, student projects, media and updates from the AussieRett team as well as featuring photos, stories, poems and updates from families with a child or adult with Rett syndrome. We invite and welcome all family contributions to the newsletter, we love to feature the special moments with your family member with Rett syndrome that make you smile, this could be a photo, a story, an announcement of a special event, eg. a special birthday or a recommendation. If you would like to add something to the next newsletter please contact us.


Below are links to our latest newsletters, back issues will give you information about previous events and research.


Issue 19 December 2016


Issue 18 December 2015


Issue 17 December 2014


Issue 16 December 2013


Issue 15 December 2012


Issue 14 December 2011


Issue 13 September 2011


Issue 12 December 2010


Issue 11 August 2010


Issue 10 December 2009


Issue 9 December 2008


Issue 8 June 2008


Issue 7 December 2007


Issue 6 June 2007


Issue 4 December 2005


Issue 2 October 2004